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Pokello closes off #Dont rush challenge

Queen of swagger Pokello Nare recently left many people gasping in awe after partaking in the #dont rush challenge. Truth be told, Pokello closed off the challenge and her fans have said no one else could do it like the queen. Pokello teamed up with a few other girls who equally looked stunning and were evidently slay queens like her. The video received 100 000 views in just 19 hours

The #dontrush challenge has taken over the internet by storm. Other celebrities such as Cindy Munyavi have also participated in the challenge. It has had its twists with those with natural hair doing their own as well as doctors, lawyers and those that love wearing African Ankara material also doing their versions of the challenge.

Pokello however changed the game. She really brought in her A game. It is also one of the rare occasions where she had to ditch her signature hairstyle of shaved sides and put on a wig. She really nailed it and her followers couldn’t have been more amazed.

The challenge has been used as an excuse by most people during the lockdown period to dress up and look nice. Even men have been taking part in the challenge. Mudiwa, Stunner and Ray vines have been trending for their challenge videos.

Pokello is one of the most sought after women in the country in terms of fashion. She really knows her stuff and women often have to copy her style. The self proclaimed queen of swagger does no hold back when it comes to looking good.

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