Pokello’s “confessions” take over Instagram

Pokello’s Instagram show Confessions has been causing a lot of noise. The show unravels all the juicy details about what is happening in marriages with people opening up about their relationships and the mischief that they are up to. Pokello invites her audience to reveal their inner most secrets which their patners are not aware of.

The show is done every Sunday and seeks to let people divulge their shenanigans. To say most of the stories being shared are shocking would be an understatement. Some of the issues being raised would send chills down the spine of any human being. Among stories shared include those of infidelity, of a gay man having a wife and sleeping with her brother’s wife behind her back, women leading on other men and those making other men look after kids that are not theirs. The show has exposed the amount of rot in most marriages in Zimbabwe.

A popular Shona proverb says,”chakafukidza dzimba matenga” literally translated to mean what covers a house is the roof. What happens inside remains a mystery to those outside. The confessions reveal traits of a broken society where anything and everything can be tolerated.

Pokello herself has had her fair share of controversy from a leaked sextape to several failed relationships.
The show gives graphic, saucy details of what is transpiring in most relationships.It has indeed taken over Instagram and most people can’t afford to miss it every Sunday. Pokello is a social media influenced, brand ambassador and busines woman. Her exquisite fashion taste and love of the finer things in life have made her one of the most sought after female celebrities in the country

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