Prices of basic commodities slashed!

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has ordered retailers to sell goods at a reduced price. It recently ordered goods to be sold at the prices that obtained on 25 March 2020. The directive has come as a welcome relief for most people who can barely feed their families during this lockdown period.

Prices of goods have been skyrocketing since the beginning of the year. This had become a burden for most people who had to rely on piece jobs to survive. The unemployment rate in the country is shockingly high and people can barely make ends meet. The current lockdown has made life even more unbearable. The slashing of prices of basic commodities has indeed provided a lifeline to most families.

Most people have been calling on government to make free food available during this period. In other countries such as South Africa and Rwanda food hampers have been disbursed to people to alleviate hunger during the lockdown period. It is only a few individuals and companies that have been making donations such as Tinashe Mutarisi of Nash paints who recently handed out some food parcels to the elderly and underprivileged. Companies such as Delta and Telone have also donated millions of dollars towards fighting the pandemic.

A quick survey of supermarkets by this publication revealed that indeed the directive is being followed. Prices of items such as eggs,milk, meat and drinks have significantly reduced.

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