Prophet Makandiwa unpacks the 5G theory

UFIC leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has stirred controversy with his latest pronouncement on the sensational 5G theory. The prophet said the covid 19 was being used as a front by some unruly elements in Western countries in order to further the agenda of the 5G.

The man of cloth said people must not accept vaccinations from western nations as they would have a micro chip attached to them. The prophet said this will come to pass in time, that vaccinations will be sent to Africa and people will be forced to take them as a prevention against the corona virus. He urged African leaders to stamp down their foot and not accept such donations. He also said he will never agree to be given the vaccine, even if it means going to jail for it.

Makandiwa said if that agenda fails, another virus will come. Although some people have lambasted the prophet for making unfounded claims not backed by any scientific evidence, some have actually said he might have a point.

Corona virus has become a global pandemic and Zimbabwe so far has less than ten confirmed cases and one death. Makandiwa made a prophecy about a global pandemic in 2014 and a few years later. He actually said it would kill billions of people.

Most religious fanatics have been closely following the words of the man of God but others have rubbished his claims as lacking evidence.

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