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Ray vines rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous

In spite of his recent social media fall out with Winky D’s fans, Ray vines seems to be back in business. The young comedian known by his handle Mukukuzvi, shared a recent image of himself alongside business mogul Ginimbi.

The young visionary said he had learnt a lot from Ginimbi. Most people advised him to get as much knowledge as possible from the shrewd business man.

Ray has been improving his portfolio. Early this year, he registered his company Mukukuzvi. It is a creative hub for young people and also sells clothing merchandise. 2019 was a great year for Ray and he managed to grow his fan base. This year promises to be better.

His comedy is effortlessly hillarious. What makes his work even more appealing is the fact that he fuses day to day situations with a touch of humour making him one of the most followed comedians in Zimbabwe.

Ray has done videos on the electricity situation in the country, on the importance of bread when it was scarce, on the struggles of growing up in the ghetto and has even taken fans down memory lane by mimicking the likes of Parrafin. Most young people ought to emulate the young visionary who is now rubbing shoulders with prominent people such as Ginimbi

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