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Ray vines, the new rasta in town

Ray vines has once again managed to capture the attention of his large fan base. The young comedian, who trades under the name Mukukuzvi, has a new soon to his comic skits. He is now rastaman. Most people were amused at how the comedian is able to switch from one character to another effortlessly.

In his latest work, Ray is recorded wearing a huge head wrap or or a true Jah man. He then engages a female who sings along to his rasta vibes.

The new and improved Ray has caused furore online. Most people have confessed that they actually love his new act. They said variety is the spice of life and the fact that Ray can fuse any personality into his work is amazing.

Ray is known for his hillarious comic videos. The boy never disappoints. He has done precious work including mimicking the electricity situation in Zimbabwe, re enacting scenes from the local 1990’s dramas and even the lockdown. His scripting is simple and most people can relate to his work.

Ray’s face also adds some flare to his videos because he is generally funny by nature. The new rasta take has however enhanced his popularity. Ray is just a young student from Midlands State University but has already managed to register his own company Mukukuzvi which deals with fashion, branding and comedy

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