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Shatrisha takes a dig at Grace Mugabe

Shatrisha always has a joke up his sleeve. The hillarious comedian recently took his followers down memory lane by mimicking the former first lady Grace Mugabe. Shatrisha gave a stunning peformance imitating how the first lady gave a tongue lashing to minister Kazembe Kazembe at one of her rallies.

Grace Mugabe was famous for her hot temper and sharp tongue and would often lash out at ministers in public. Her victims included Ray Kaukonde, George Charamba and the current president Emmerson Mnangagwa who was the vice president then. Grace would simply skin them alive in public as they cowered and stared blank faced at supporters after having been humiliated.

Shatrisha put his own dramatic twist to the encounter and added in some funny gestures as he placed himself in the shoes of the former first lady. Grace has since moved away from the limelight and is aging gracefully at home with her family. She seems to have been silenced by the ouster of her husband from power as well as his death afterwards.

Shatrisha had people rolling in laughter and unable to contain themselves. Some people however, felt sorry for Grace and said it was pathetic that her former glorious days had now been reduced to this mockery.

Shatrisha is one of the country’s best comedians. He usually wears a very ugly brown with, robes as a woman and is popular for his huge appetite for gossip

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