Sweet:Siba Mtongana gives culinary advice during lockdown

South African celebrity chef and television personality Siba Mtongana has been keeping viewers hooked into their social media platforms by dishing out some free cooking advice daily. The bubbly chef has been posting a series of cooking videos and dishing out some cooking tips to her fans.

Siba usually shares what she makes for her family dinners, lunch and breakfast as well as other ways to twitch out her recipes. Fans have been applauding Siba for having them in mind and for being such a sweet human being. Most people have idle time during this lockdown period and those that love to cook or would simply love to learn how to cool can utilize Siba’s videos.

Siba is the only South African chef to have her programme Siba’s table aired on Food Network. She had a busy year last year with projects on the USA, Dubai and various other parts of the world. Siba also has other shows to her name. She is a culinary genius and people love her recipes because they are authentic and a true representation of African cuisine.

Siba has been sharing various videos and even has had to ask her followers to cook along with her. At times, her kids help her out. Before the lockdown, Siba was giving advice tips on preparing lunchboxes for school going kids. It seems the chef is no backing down from doing what she loves best even after being confined at home because of the lockdown.

Most people have actually confessed to following her videos and tips. We guess nothing beats a good meal during this stressful period

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