Top 7 energy boosting habits

Sometimes we just feel drained and hard done. It could be a hectic work schedule, school runs and a busy week with the kids giving you the low down. You simply need to employ these simple tweaks to your lifestyle and you will be up on the go in no time.

1 Get some exercise
Even if it’s the last thing you feel like doing, a run or brisk walk can up your energy levels. Aim for ten minutes and if you are out longer then it simply is a bonus.

3 Take your vitamins
Supplements are certainly not magic energy boosting pills, but a lack of essential vitamins can cause fatigue.

4 Lay low on the booze
Avoid drinking too much alcohol and stay hydrated with water and nutrient packed fluids.

5 Take a deep breath
Improving your breathing habits can energise to you. Put one hand on your tummy,with your thumb near your navel. Breathe in through your nose and allow your abdomen to expand. You should feel your hand being pushed away as your abdomen rises.

6 Smell a pine cone
The aromatic oil in fir, pine and spruce cones stimulate the release of adrenaline to give you an instant boost.

7 Sprint
Open your back door and sprint up and down the garden as hard and fast as you can. A single thirty second run will wake you up by releasing tension

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