23 arrested after running away from quarantine centres

Police have confirmed the arrest of 23 people who fled from quarantine centres nation wide. The 23 are part of the 143 escapees that vanished from quarantine centres. In an official statement, the Zimbabwe Republic police said they had secured the 23 in police custody and were still looking for the others.

People returning from other countries have been fleeing quarantine centres. While others have attributed the issue to the appalling conditions and shortages of water at these centres, others have made u clear that this is no justification for people exposing others to the covid 19. Even more alarming is the fact that most of those returning from outside the country’s boarders have been confirmed to have the corona virus.

The country now has 160 confirmed cases of covid 19. The number surged upwards after returnees flocked back into the country. Most of the returnees coming from South Africa and Botswana have been confirmed to have the virus.

The corona virus pandemic has hit the world and people are dying at an alarming rate. Countries such as Italy and the USA have been worst hit. Although Zimbabwe is said to have a fairly small number of those infected and only four deaths, it still remains an issue to be handled with care considering numbers could skyrocket if not contained.

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