Aspiring Miss South Africa model lambasted for posting racist tweets

Posting reckless things online may have dire consequences later on. A model hoping to be considered for the Miss South Africa title has found herself in hot soup after some racist tweets that she posted online were unearthed. The young model has found herself in a tight spot following the production of her former tweets.

Bianca Schoombee has now woken up to the realisation that things you post online can sometimes come back to bite you. Her tweets have been causing an uproar online with most people calling for her not to be considered at all. Her hopes of earning the title of Miss South Africa have now been bashed.

A lot of people find themselves unable to get to certain positions because of what they would have previously posted online. Presidential candidates, actresses and even corporates have failed to sign up some contracts because of online scandals.

The racist tweets by the aspiring Miss South Africa have caused such furore that even if she were to be considered for the modelling contest, she would face so much resistance. South Africa has a history of racism and apartheid and with people trying to put that behind them, the tweets have been seen as weapons of anti progress fuelling what the nation is trying to put behind.

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