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Bakers inn, Zimgold extend helping hand to the boy asking for bread

Bakers inn is on a manhunt to locate a young boy who was trending last week for lamenting lack of bread at home. The young boy was recorded telling his guardian that he was now fed up with eating sweet potatoes for breakfast. He said he wished for some bread.

The video indeed touched the hearts of many. The current economic hardships coupled with the extended lockdown has made it impossible for most people to afford a basic loaf of bread. The young boy’s wish might soon be granted considering that bakers inn would like to surprise him. They tweeted, ” Sweet potatoes are only sweet for so long. Help us find this little gent, we have a sweet surprise for him. Retweet to spread the word”.

Bread has become a luxurious item for many households in Zimbabwe. People are now resorting to alternative sources such as sweet potatoes and rice.

The young boy’s plight is not peculiar and highlights just hiw the bulk of Zimbabweans are suffering. Bread used to be a basic item that one could easily buy. However wheat shortages and a tough economic environment have made it such a precious commodity fetching at around 32 rtgs which is beyond the reach of many

Zimgokd has also promised to give the boy some margarine to spread on his bread

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