Best ways to revive your smile

Smoking speeds us the aging process. It can lead to sagging cheeks and wrinkles. The constant puckering as you inhale can cause vertical lines around the mouth and changes to your facial expression. Not to mention the yellow stains caused by nicotine. Quit smoking and revive your vibrant smile.

2 As we grow older, we tend to brush away the protective layer of our gums that cover the base and tops of our teeth, which can cause uneven gaps and unpleasant tooth sensitivity. Also, many of us suffer from him l disease without even knowing it, with bleeding and receeding gums that can make out mouths look older before their time. The solution is to visit the dentist often, limit sugary food and floss regurlaly.

3 Banish the stainers from your teeth. Also brush your teeth correctly as most of us tend to scrub rather than brush them gently. Munch on teeth whitening foods such as strawberries or raw vegetables.

4 Sweet treats and fizzy drinks can lead to tooth decay as they create an environment for bacteria and infection to thrive. Cut back on the sugar and rather consume nuts, oily fish and cheese as they actually neutralise mouth acid. Also use an antibacterial mouthwash

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