Fake Zupco kombis flood the roads

A legion of fake Zupco kombis has flooded the streets of Harare. Following a ban on private transporter operators, private kombis have found their way back on the roads as kombi operators try to cover their losses. These kombis have fake stickers that look exactly like the original ones. It is difficult to differentiate between the two.

Kombi operators have been crying foul over the ban. Most were earning their living entirely through the kombi business. With the ban, it has become very hard for most of them to get money using other means hence the influx of fake Zupco kombis.

Government has since announced that only licensed Zupco buses will ply routes as well as official Zupco kombis. This has led to increased transport woes for passengers because there are not enough buses to ferry people on a daily basis. This has led to people being left stranded as they commute daily to work and for other business.

What has made the situation even more unbearable is the acute shortage of fuel in the country. Most fuel stations have since run dry and when they manage to get fuel it quickly sells out. The black market has also caused pains for motorists as they hoard fuel and resell it in US dollars. The transport crisis is indeed one that needs to be urgently addressed.

Most people have been calling for the return of kombis amid the current crisis. Others have said monopolizing the transport industry will not work because government does not have adequate resources to cater for the transport needs of people.

The fake Zupco kombis are hard to pick out but passengers have actually expressed relief in that they will slightly alleviate the issue of shortages of transport

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