Government sets the record straight on schools re opening

Nick Mangwana has clarified the position with regards to the opening of schools. Speculation had been high that schools would re open in June especially for the exam classes. In a recent official statement, the minister advised that consultations are still being held for the schools opening date.

Mangwana said there has been a false WhatsApp message circulating . The message is said to indicate that schools would open on the first of June. He said that was false. There is currently a raging debate on the way forward in relation to schools opening. Although government would have wanted normalcy to return to schools and the June exams to be written, there is still a high risk of spreading the corona virus.

The number of confirmed cases has now spiked to 132 leading to panic. Re opening schools would seem irresponsible.

Furthermore, it is not clear whether government has enough funds to buy protective equipment for all teachers in the country’s schools considering that it is failing to even provide basic food for starving citizens during the lockdown.

School children have been affected by the lockdown but there has to be a balance between ensuring continuity in education and protecting the lives of nany

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