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Hip hop king Takura back with a bang after having been in a dark olace

Hip hop sensation Takura is back with a bang. The rapper seemed to have gone on a sabbatical after having released his last song Zvemoyo in 2019. The song is currently sitting at over 1 million views on you tube.

Takura had also abandoned social media and his last tweet was in October 2019. He has however broken his silence and fans are over the moon. The return of the hip hop king comes with a new single. He gave a short teaser on social media and exclaimed that he is now back after having been in a dark place. He wrote,’I was in a dark place for almost a year but I’m grateful I made it it alive. I’m back baby wassup”. It is not apparent what the singer really meant and which dark place he was referring to but the great news is that he is back. He has been confronted by DJ Towers over the long silence but in true Takura form and style he just remained quiet and did not even respond.

Takura’s new single seems to come with a video judging from a pic that he posted alongside ZTN presenter Charmaine Chasweka. She is one of the hosts of the infamous Gara mumba iwe shows. His tweet contains a release date of the song as 03/06/20. Fans are pregnant with anxiety to sample his new music. Takura has released songs such as Zvemoyo and Mai mwana. His smooth flow and melodious voice has won over the hearts of many over the years. The new song is part of his “Relationship goals 2” project with the first one featuring the song Mai Mwana.

Earlier in the year Takura was part of the judges at Old Mutual’s Amazing voices. He was responsible for picking out successful candidates. His fans are just glad that their favorite rapper is now back after having shyed away from limelight. Takura is by no doubt regarded as one of the best on the hip hop scene.

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