Horrific quarantine conditions exposed

Horrific images of the country’s centres have infiltrated the social media space. They have been likened to Nazi concentration camps. People returning from outside Zimbabwean boarders are required to go on a compulsory 14 day quarantine in state institutions such as Harare Polytechnic and Belvedere teacher’s college

Recent images being circulated online have however exposed appalling living conditions at these places. Most o the institutions do no have running water posing a great health risk to those being held in such places. Furthermore the dilapidated infrastructure and non functional ablution facilities have been frowned upon.

The first group to be placed in compulsory isolation were returnees from the United Kingdom and they complained about conditions at their quarantine centre. After asking for basic amenities such as water, minister Nick Mangwana said their demands were no reasonable. It has now come outing the open that most of these places designated for isolation are unfit for human occupation. So bad are the conditions that most people are reportedly running away from the centres

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