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Jah Prayzah’s new album causes furore

Jah Prayzah has once again reclaimed his fame and snuggled his way to the top position following the launch of his new album Hokoyo. The tall singer has indeed managed to capture the heart of his audience.

The new album features songs such as Hokoyo, Muteuro, Mukwasha and Nyaya yerudo. All the lyrics were immaculately done and the singer highlighted his maturity and deep level of artistry. He also collaborated with several other artists roping in Zimpraise and Zahara to give his fans a classic taste of his musical talent.

The album launch had been postponed several times but the singer seems to have finally given in to the mounting pressure from his fans to give them his latest offering. Hokoyo explorer societal norms and outlines how the social ills gripping most communities. It is also a celebration of love and encompasses religion and culture of local people. Most people have given a thumbs up to the singer for his new album. The videos such as Hokoyo and Mukwasha also reveal the singer’s acting talent.

Jah Prayzah has been commended for releasing music that appeals to both the local and international audience. He has managed to amass a large fan base locally and beyond the country’s boarders. Hokoyo seems to have attracted the attention of the international audience as evidenced by comments on you tube

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