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Madam boss refuses to grow up

Just like Stunner who is branded as the “40 year old teenager” Madam boss has refused to grow up. The comedian recently took to social media to highlight that she just wants to live her life. She wrote,”Live your life and forget your age. Ini ndaramba kuchembera”.

The comedian is known for her cheerful character and playful nature. She has often spoken about not wanting to act like an old person when she is just in her thirties.

Last year Madam boss came under fire after being photographed wearing a bikini. She was also lambasted for wearing a bum short. The comedian defended herself and said she is still young and is free to enjoy her life. She also said her husband was content with her dressing. Madam boss has become the envy of many people due to her good looks and wardrobe. The comedian and her husband Mhofela just love to do their own things without a care about what the world thinks.

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