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Mai Titi clears air on coming back to Zimbabwe

Mai Titi, the popular comedienne and singer has promised to come back to Zimbabwe when the quarantine is over. The loud spoken entertainer is currently holed up in the U.K where she had gone with her toy boy lover Zizo. She remarked that she would only come back when things stabilise as she would not want to jeopardize her life and that of her children.

Mai Titi went to the U.K in March and has been living it up since then. She had the chance to meet with rival cum friend Olinda Chapel. Most people felt disappointed at her decision and confessed how much they miss her vibe. Mai Titi has travelled in the last for her shows as well as to host events.

The comedian is best known for her sharp tongue and impressive dancing skills. She made the headlines early this year after flaunting her young lover whom she later parted ways with. Mai Titi is a symbol of strength for most women. Her struggles with having to deal with those that frown upon her HIV status and having to single handedly raise her two daughters has been seen as a true definition of resilience.

Most people are awaiting her return and would want to see her in action again. Unfortunately lockdown restrictions have seriously put on hold public performances.

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