Man in hot soup for insulting ED

A Harare man will rue the day he decided to insult the president. Abraham Baison aged 30 was recently charged under section 31 of the Criminal code for undermining authority of or insulting the president. He was said to have uttered, ” tell Mnangagwa that his ass and testicles, vagina of the mother of the president Emmerson Mnangagwa and his supporters” in a fit of rage. He has since been arrested and charged. Cases of people being arrested for insulting the president

Some people have voiced their concerns at these arrests and labelled the president as being petty. According to the criminal code one is not allowed to utter words that cause ridicule or engender feelings of hostility towards the president. In one decided case, it was held that the provision is unconstitutional.

The notorious provision was vigorously pursued during the Mugabe era. Many people were incarcerated for uttering sentiments deemed to be deragatory to the President. What is even more mind boggling and chilling is the thin line between this provision and that of treason.

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