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Masks set new wedding trend

Weddings have taken a different turn with the advent of compulsory wearing of masks. Indeed gone are the days when parading yourself in public without a mask was normal. Those that had scheduled weddings are not taking chances and the new trend is that of the wedding couple and their crew donning matching masks to the finish the business of the day.

The corona virus pandemic hit the world abruptly without anyone having hindsight of the effects of the virus. The current lockdown in Zinbabwe has been partially relaxed and gatherings of 50 people or less are now permitted. This has prompted those who had planned to get hitched to go ahead with their plans albeit wearing masks.

Even lobola proceedings have also taken on this new twist. People have suddenly come to accept that these small precautionary measures are vital to ensure their safety.

This has started a new fashion trend never seen before. Instead of the usual disposable masks, people are now wearing custom made cloth masks to complement their wedding gowns or lobola attire

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