“Menstrual hygiene a 365 day conversation”Misred

Zimbabwe joined the rest of the work recently to celebrate Menstrual hygiene day. Radio and television personality Misred said although there is a specific day to commemorate Menstrual health, the issue is actually a 365 day conversation. Indeed most, people particularly women, echoed the same sentiment.

Issues of menstrual health are often swept under the carpet. A lot of women however experience untold suffering during that time of the month. In less advantaged communities in the country women often have to use make shift pads such as cow dung or leaves. This poses greater problems such as cervical cancer.

A few influential people have tried to raise awareness on menstrual health issues. These include legislator Killer Zivhu who regurlaly donates pads to less women. He is also known to be vocal about the issue of menstrual hygiene and the problems women face in parliament. The sad reality is that most women have to deal with their period every month. With less credence being given to such issues, they still face the problem of having to prepare for it. Menstrual pads are expensive and most women are not able to afford them. The only relief is for those who buy from neighbouring countries after government scrapped off duty on pads.

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