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Mudiwa fires shots at Stunner in a new diss track

The beef between Mudiwa and Stunner which had seemingly died down has taken a sudden twist. The two rappers were at each other’s throats following a hip hop battle on the infamous “Gara mumba iwe” concert. Mudiwa claimed Stunner had sabotaged his sound thereby resulting in a poor performance.

Bit artists were roped in by prophet Passion Java to perform at the show. While Stunner’s spot was filled with a smooth lyrical flow and perfect sound, Mudiwa failed to live up to billing and delivered what was beyond the expectations of many. He later claimed Stunner had sabotaged his sound. Mudiwa has since released a diss song, firing shots at Stunner and accusing him of using unorthodox means to claim the top spot.

Stunner has defended himself claiming Mudiwa is simply trying to cover face after an embarrassing show. He has maintained his innocence on the issue of sabotaging sound.

The beef between the two goes way back. They occasionally fire shots at each other online. They seemed to have made a peace pact a few weeks ago and on Stunner’s birthday Mudiwa sent a sweet birthday message.

While fans have been torn between the two, it seems the general consensus is that both artists must grow up and show some level of maturity. Others are hopeful of a clap back song from Stunner as the two artists flex their musical musclee

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