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Olinda Chapel not backing down after being snubbed by Stunner

Olinda Chapel is not backing off after being snubbed by Stunner. The socialite was furious after her former husband threw shade at her when all she did was to promote his live ‘Gara mumba iwe’ show. It eventually attracted over 16 000 views after Olinda posted it on her social media handles considering she has a large number of followers.

Stunner was alleged to be having problems with his wife Dyonne but a recent video showed the two warming and cosying up to each other. Olinda has since written that it is all a show. A well played one. Olinda claimed that if your partner advised you to kiss on camera in order to fool the world and yet they are in love with someone, then it would be useless.

The sentiment drew a lot of attention and team Olinda laughed at Stunner while team Stunner clapped back at Olinda.

In fact, Olinda has come guns blazing at Stunner ever since he snubbed her. In a previous post she claimed she had once sent him some money to buy a phone and he had immediately blocked her on WhatsApp. She then did a reversal of he transaction and when the singer went to collect the money there was nothing.

Olinda and Stunner split up after Stunner cheated on the socialite with Dyonne. Their break up was public with the two even doing Facebook live videos about their separation

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