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Olinda, Mudiwa surprise Stunner on his birthday

Hip hop star Stunner recently celebrated his birthday. The rapper turned 40 and amid celebrations some big surprises were unearthed. Dziva, as he is popularly known stole the limelight after receiving a series of surprise birthday messages from his alleged foes.

His former wife Olinda shocked people as she posted a sweet birthday message on his Instagram page. She described him as a loving and caring figure and wished him well. This ignited a lot of interest with some people accusing Olinda of trying to woo Stunner back into her arms. This was fuelled by the fact that there have been rumours that Stunner’s marriage to Dyonne is on the rocks.

Stunner and Olinda were once inseperable. Their marriage however hit rock bottom after Olinda accused the rapper of infidelity. A few months ago, Olinda confessed that Stunner had been an angel as she compared him to recently enstranged husband Tytan.

Another surprise birthday message was from fellow rapper Mudiwa Hood. This one really perplexed many people. Stunner and Mudiwa have been embroiled in a heated social.medoa beef for years. The two always take a dig at each other and try to cheapen each other’s music. Mudiwa described Stunner as his friend and business and patner. He went on to write a detailed message about his birthday.

Stunner seems to be getting his former enemies into his good books. The birthday messages revealed just how much the singer is able to charm anyone with his irresistible charisma

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