Panic rises as returnees flee from quarantine centres

Government is crying foul over returnees that are fleeing quarantine centres thereby putting other people’s lives at risk. In a recent statement Nick Mangwana encouraged those returning home from the disapora to work with authorities.

The minister said remittances brought back home by those living outside the country’s boarders are equally important to the nation but the returnees must still comply with quarantine regulations. It has been reported that most of the returnees are running away from quarantine centres. These include people coming from Botswana, South Africa and overseas.

What is even more alarming is the fact that of the 132 confirmed cases, most of them have been cases of those returning from other countries. These people now pose a danger to society as they are coming from hot spot areas.

On the other hand, people have called on government to offer better living arrangements for those returning. The appalling conditions at these centres coupled with shortages of water and hunger have forces most people to flee. Images shared online show horrific living conditions, dilapidated infrastructure and non functional ablution facilities. Others have likened the facilities to prisons. No wonder why most returnees are simply slipping away from the centres. Others have spoken out against the government for seemingly punishing those returning for coming back to their home country by placing them in such institutions.

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