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“Prophet” Roki’s prophetic word comes to pass

Roki is now being referred to as a prophet after his prophetic word on Lilly Java turned out to be true. The singer blurted out during a concert that prophet Passion Java’s wife Lilly was going to deliver a baby in the month of November. Although most people simply rubbished the assertion, this has turned out to be true.

Upon his return to Zimbabwe a few days ago, Lilly Java looked the very picture of a pregnant woman. Her protruding belly could be seen as she trudged alongside her husband. She later confirmed the news on social media after posting a playful video confirming the news. According to the gospel couple Lilly is 4 months pregnant and expecting in November. This is exactly what Roki had said during the online show.

Some people asked Roki to open his own church given the accuracy of his prophecy while others were simply dashed at him being spot on. Prophet Passion and Lilly already have two sons. The man of cloth and his wife are inseparable and Java complimented his wife in a recent Instagram post. Having another baby is simply going to deepen their bond.

Passion is back in the country after receiving a here’s welcome. He has been hailed as the saviour of the music industry following his sponsorship of the Gara mumba iwe concert, an online show that sees local artists perform. Java is also famous for his catch phrases and strange diction such as the words ‘Tswibidi’ and ‘Kutsotsonya’. His followers are excited at the news of a baby on the way

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