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Seh Calaz, Pambuka trending for their hairstyles

The lockdown has seen people making some decisions that they would otherwise not make. We are not sure if same could be said for journalist cum pastor Oscar Pambuka who decided to change from his neatly shaved hairdo to some locks. There have been mixed reactions over the new style. Most people are still trying to come to terms with the revamped man of cloth whom they are used to seeing bald. Some have been taking a dig at his locks saying they are practicing social distance from each other because of the way they are scattered. Pambuka is no stranger to controversy and has in the past had to defend himself for his blunt remarks.

Another celebrity who decided to alter his look is zimdancehall sensation Seh Calaz who has since removed his locks. He now spots cool afro. Most people were used to seeing the singer with his neatly done locks which he preferred to leave hanging loose.

His locks were his signature look but fans have also expressed how dashing the artist looks with his fro.

Both Seh Calaz and Oscar Pambuka have been trending for their new looks. It seems the current lockdown has given them ample time to make decisions on their images. Most artists have embraced locks. These include Jah Prayzah, Andy Muridzo and Ras Caleb. Others like Van Choga love to flaunt their afro

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