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Seh Calaz takes a dig at Van Choga’s jersey

Zimdancehall artist Seh Calaz recently came under fire after firing shots at fellow musician and artist Van Choga. What seemed like an innocent message complimenting Van Choga for his humble character and soft spoken nature turned into one ugly war when Seh Calaz rounded off his message with a passing comment about Van Choga’s jersey.

Seh Calaz wrote, ” He really deserves to be seen, pliz Van Choga wekwamudzviti ndoda uite bag nema ngoma rekuti juzi iro ucharirangarira kuti gore riye recorona zvaimbove zvakaoma”

The sentiment might have been innocently passed but most people posed a question to Seh Calaz and asked what was wrong with the said jersey. Others took offence at the singer’s message and denoted that he was merely downgrading another artist.

The fact that Seh Calaz has a reputation of claiming that he is one of the best dressed and smartest people in the music industry also seemed to feign the fires burning against him.

Both Seh Calaz and Van Choga were seen cuddling up together on the online show Gara mumba iwe.

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