Social media makes a mockery of fired minister Energy Mutodi

The streets of social media have once again turned on Energy Mutodi. The loud spoken former rhumba player cum minister was recently fired from his post as deputy minister of information and publicity following his barrage of insensitive tweets. Mutodi was shown the doorway yesterday and relived of his duties with immediate effect.

People have been jabbing at the former minister, advising him to go back to music. Comic pastor left many in stitches after posting a hillarious skit highlighting that he had been informed there is a vacancy within a certain ministry. It was not an issue of rocket science for people to piece two and two together and wake up to a realisation that it was the minister being ridiculed.

Mambo’s chicken has also put out a funny advert promoting their food. Ironically it features the words “Energy” and “Tinofaya”. This clearly captures the current situation in relation to the former minister.

As if the minister has not had enough already, someone commented on an account purpoted to be that of rhumba heavy weight Awilo Longomba and said a new collaboration was on the cards with Energy Mutodi.

Indeed it never seems to rain for the former minister who grew popular overnight for his reckless twitter rants. The final straw to his reign of terror on twitter was when he recently tweeted that the three female MDC activists who were abducted and found dumped had actually gone on a romantic outing with their boyfriends who are artisnal miners. This outraged a lot of people and self exiled professor Jonathan Moyo tweeted that Mutodi was indeed a disgrace to the country.

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