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Temblami’s wife accused of being a prostitute during varsity days

The streets of social media can be really harsh at times. The latest victim to fall prey to nasty comments was Anesu, the wife of gospel singer TembalamThe whole drama unravelled when Tembalami posted an adorable image of himself and his wife. While most people drooled over their seemingly blissful marriage and picture perfect look, one nasty comment set off a whole series of events.

One Sean Mutikani commented on how Anesu had been of loose character back in her varsity days. He said she was renowned for her loose morals back in the days when she was at Midlands State University. The comment was followed by a barrage of similar sentiments especially from those who had been at Midlands State University.

Even after the said Sean later apologized and said his comment was false, people still continued accusing Anesu of having prostituted herself in the past. The so called skeletons in her closet came tumbling down.

Most people have fallen victim to mean social media remarks. While some simply ignore them like Jah Prayzah, others like Olinda Chapel usually clap back at trolls.

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