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Tendai Manatsa celebrates wife’s dark beauty through song

Tendai Manatsa, the husband of Selmor Mtukudzi has managed to raise awareness on the beauty of every woman’s skin colour through a song. Titled ‘skin colour’ the song celebrates black women’s dark skin colour and encourages women to embrace their natural colour. Manatsa exhorts women to desist from the urge to change their skin colour.

Issues of bleaching have become common with most black women lightening their skin colour using unorthodox means such as cheap creams and concoctions. Several celebrities have even been accused of bleaching. This is no recommended due to the attendant consequences. Manatsa’s wife Selmor, has a deal skin tone reminiscent of her late father. Manatsa confesses in the song that it is that darkn colour that attracted him to his beautiful wife. He pleads with her to keep maintaining her skin colour and to never change it.

Like the lyrics in the song ‘Brown skin girl’ by Beyonce, Manatsa celebrates the dark skin colour. Some women are not confident enough to rock their dark skin and often have to hide behind tonnes of creams to conceal their natural colour. Some have even gone to the extremes leading to numerous side effects.

Selmor has always showed off her dark skin colour with pride and grace. It is actually one of her trademark features.

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