Top 5 cures right in your kitchen

1 Bananas
Bananas are ideal for curing a hangover. They are packed with potassium, a mineral we lose when we drink alcohol. Potassium controls the balance of fluids in our bodies – so the dehydrated feeling we get when the morning after is partly causes by a lack of potassium

2 Horseradish
It can help with blocked sinuses. It contains chemicals that can thin mucus and help clear it from sinuses. You can grate some fresh horseradish or take a spoonful from a jar and inhale it.

3 Chillies
They can ease joint pain. Twisted your ankle or simply experiencing some joint pain? Grind some chillies into a paste the add to a base cream or oil and apply to the affected area. The capsicum in chillies first increases the pain then blocks it, thereby effectively stopping the pain signal to the brain

4 Used tea bag
It can help with eye problems. Put a warm used tea bag over the affected eye for 15 minutes to draw out toxins. The tannins in the tea have anti inflammatory action which helps reduce the swelling.

5 Cloves
Help with a sore tooth. They contain a chemical compound that acts as an analgesic. Either apply directly to the sore area, it crush with water into a paste, then apply to the tooth

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