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Top 5 phrases of 2020

Zimbabweans are famous for inventing their own words and phrases that are out of this world. So creative are our local celebrities, politicians and ordinary people in coming up with catch phrases that it has become a common trend. Here are some words that are being commonly used this year.

1 Tswibidi
The word sounds naughty but Prophet Passion Java seemed to have a different interpretation when he introduced this word. He is constantly referring to it in interviews and during his social media videos. The word has become so popular although no one really knows the essence of its meaning. At times the prophet alters it to ‘kutswibida’.

2 Breadwinner
A young boy by the name Zoolian was recorded asking for bread online after claiming that sweet potatoes had since become a monotonous meal at their home. This drew sympathy from numerous cooperates. Food hampers and endorsement deals flew in from all directions for the young boy earning home the nickname breadwinner.

3 Tovhaira fani
The phrase comes off Jah Prayzah’s new album Hokoyo. His catch phrase has been #Tovhaira fani. He repeats the words time and again in his song Donhodzo.

4 Murivo nemapotato

This was unleashed by president Emerson Mnangagwa. After being that the price of meat was now beyond the reach of many, he encouraged people to eat potatoes and vegetables and said they were the healthy choice. This angered most people especially after an image of the president feasting on meat on a private plane emerged

5 Bholato bholato
The phrase was popularised by zimdancehall artist Seh Calaz who released a track bearing the same name. It has since become a household word

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