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Top 5 winter must haves for your kid

The winter season is upon us and our little ones need protection from the raging cold weather. Most kids suffer colds and other cold related ailments during this period. Instead of constantly having to rush to the doctor or pharmacy here are some clothing must haves that could minimize the chances of your child succumbing to the cold.

1 Boots
If has often been pointed out that the cold mainly enters our bodies through the feet. Ensure you buy a cosy pair of boots for your kid. It is essential to keep them warm from the bottom up.

2 Gloves
The cold bite winter can also lead to frost bites on the fingers. Buy some warm gloves or mittens
3 Ear muffs
These little puffy things are essential to block out the cold. You can even buy custom made ones to add some flair to your little one’s dressing.

4 Jackets
A warm, heavy jacket is a winter must have. You can layer in some light clothes inside and them put the jacket on top thereby adding more heat and keeping your little one’s body warm.

5 Scarf
A scarf is also an important clothing item in winter

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