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Top 6 Zim young innovators to watch out for in 2020

Zimbabwe boasts of an abundance of talent. We compile a list of the most promising young innovators of 2020. These youths have shown great potential and have their focus set on big things.

1 Tino Chinyani
Tino is a powerhouse in the modelling industry. The hunky, young model has achieved a lot of milestones in his career. 2019 was a great year for Tino having scooped major endorsement deals with companies such as Mobicel and being involved in a series of projects with Flying fish as well as other cooperates. He hosted a grooming seminar which was successful. 2020 promises to be even bigger for the young model.

2 Francis Nyamutsamba
A veteran sports journalist who has been in the media field for over a decade, Nyamutsamba possesses great skills and experience. Having parted ways with the Zimbabwe broadcasting corporation Nyamutsamba has established his own media consultancy and is already making waves. The young visionary has since produced new sports shows such as My top 10 that has been trending online. 2020 looks shiny bright for the seasoned journalist and several cooperates such as Pinnacle holdings and Mr T 35 have already partnered with him. Nyamutsamba’s company 912 digital media is set to be a game changer in the media industry in Zimbabwe.

3 Natasha Heschelle
Is a Zimbabwean actress making waves in Canada. She is the only Zimbabwean to be featured in Forbes magazine. Natasha has appeared in various television productions such as Zahara the Return which she producer and also plays a lead role and Holiday inn.

4 Enzo ishall

The young zimdancehall artist is going places. In spite of his musical achievements, the singer also managed to found his own company that specialises in making disinfectant and other cleaning products. He is doing very well.

5 Darryl Nyamutsamba

Darryl is the founder of Shara hair, an upmarket brand that sells top quality Brazilian hair. The young man has also managed to enhance his brand by extendinh business I tweets to Botswana and South Africa. With a growing number of saloons sprouting up in several parts of Africa, Darryl had managed to work his way up the business world in an impressive way.

6 Ray vines

The young comedian has been leaving viewers in stitches with hillarious comic skits. His brand Mukukuzvi, which is a creative hub for the youth, is now a powerhouse

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