Vendors, kombi operators feel the bite of the lockdown

Vendors have been crying foul over the extension of the lockdown. Most people in the country rely on informal trading in the form of vending to support their livelihoods. The current ban on travel has since hampered any efforts of making money by vendors who have been forced to stay at home.

Most vendors that were trading in the Harare CBD area were coming from areas such as Domboshava and Shamva. Travel constraints and scarcity of transport has virtually stopped them from their usual trading making life unbearable for them. Those that have been fortunate enough to get into town have had to deal with municipal police and desk with the trauma of having their wares confiscated from them. During the first phase of the lockdown some vendors from Mutare had their produce seized by police and burnt down.

Most people are struggling to put food on the table during this lockdown period. Those in the informal sector have been hard hit and it remains to be seen whether the lockdown restrictions will be relaxed to allow vendors to continue with their business

Kombi operators have also been dealt a heavy blow by the ban on kombis. Only Zupco buses are being allowed to ply routes. This monopoly has left most people stranded. People have been asking for food hampers from the government

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