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What is the ideal foundation for your skin?

Beauty and make up has become such a huge trend in the modern world. We often make the mistake of choosing the wrong foundation for our skin type leading to undesirable results. A botched make up look does not only get rid of your confidence and self esteem but also leaves you feeling unsatisfied with certain products when the problem is really with not choosing the correct foundation. Here are 5 foundation fixes for that perfect glow.

1 Dry skin
Make sure your skin is properly moisturised. No foundation applied to dehydrated skin will give good results. The same applies to under the eyes. Use eye cream at night to make sure this area is adequately hydrated prior to applying concealer in the morning.

2 Oily skin
Use a foundation for oily or combination skin, preferably oil free and with mattifying properties. These help to blot away he shine.

3 Acne prone skin
Go mineral to keep irritation to a minimum. Keep it oil free, comedogenic, keep brushes scrupulously clean and change sponges regularly. Opt for light weight coverage. Rather apply two feather light layers than slap on a thick swathe of the stuff.

4 Large pores
Some formulations can execerbate the appearance of enlarged pores and this is where the mousse foundations are just right.

5 Near perfect
Youthful looking skin only needs tinted moisturiser. They are great for swimming holidays. With typically generous SPF, they can be re applied between swims so you can stay looking gorgeous all day

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