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Zim artists who have struggled with drug addiction

Drug addiction has become such a common ill among local artists. Indeed substance abuse has devastated the lives of so many people in the entertainment industry worldwide. Others have met their demise through drug abuse including the likes of Whitney Houston.

Locally some artists have battled with drug addiction. While some have recovered and started on a clean slate others have found it difficult to let ho of their addiction.

1 Soul Jah Love
The zimdancehall chanter battles with drugs for years. At one point speculation was high that he would eventually die due to an uncontrolled desire for drugs. The singer, who is diabetic as well has put his life in danger more than once. At one point he had to seek religious intervention at prophet Walter Magaya’s church after failing to control his drug appetite.

A few months ago, Soul Jah love was trending once again after being photographed looking gaunt faced and malnourished. He has since been on the path to recovery.

2 T Gonzi
The hip hop star also confessed to having struggled with drug abuse. He recently came out in the open and claimed that he has given up on drugs. The rapper said his new manager was making sure that he sticks to a clean diet and healthy food as opposed to drugs.

3 Dobba Don
Another zimdancehall singer who succumbed to the dire effects of drugs is Dobba Don. The ‘mudendere’ hitmaker was recently recorded hallucinating and uttering inaudible words to himself. The video sparked outrage with most people appealing to his family and friends to lend a helping hand and ensure he seeks help

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