Breaking news:Civil servants to be paid in US dollars

Government has offered temporary relief to members of the civil service. A recent press release has directed all salaries of civil servants to be increased by 50% forthwith. The increase also applies to government pensions.

Furthermore, civil servants will get a flat, non taxable covid 19 allowance of US 75 dollars every month while pensioners will receive USD 30. This provision will commence in June 2020 and run for three months to which a review will be done.

The announcement has come at a time when most civil servants where threatening to go on strike due to poor remuneration. Nurses already held a demonstration today at most major public hospitals. They were furious at government for having pulled out allowances and back pay that has been coming for the past months. Soldiers and members of police also voiced their disappointment at the poor salaries they received in the month of June.

The issue of salaries has become a topical subject on the country. The rising cost of living has eroded the value of most people’s salaries. Earning in rtgs has also made it difficult for most people in the civil service to buy commodities that are mainly priced in US dollars. A teacher’s salary would translate to USD 45 while some members of the civil service were actually getting less.

Government has urged civil servants to open Nostro accounts so that the covid allowance can be deposited. It remains to be seen whether government will deliver on its promise

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