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Celebrities that have a love-hate relationship

Some celebrities fight and take digs at each other in public. They later on kiss and make up and the circle continues. These celebrities are often seen claws out at each other but seem to quicky forgive and forget before the next bout of squabbles starts. Here is a list of celebrities with a love-hate relationship.

Stunner and Mudiwa
The two hip hop artists are often at each other’s throats. Stunner mainly brags that he is a better rapper than Mudiwa while Mudiwa claims to have more money than Stunner. This has led to fights over the years that even fellow artists have simply stood on the sidelines. The two, however, seem to easily forget their beef and if one of them gets a positive achievement the other one commends. On Stunner’s birthday, Mudiwa penned down a very sweet birthday message but a few weeks down the line, the two were squabbling over their performances at the “Gara mumba iwe” show.

Mai Titi and Madam boss
The two comedians were once the best of friends. Until issues of jealousy and backstabbing started doing the rounds. Mai Titi and Madam boss had a very ugly confrontation last year, with the two making vows that they would never see eye to eye. Fast forward a few weeks later, they were all over each other and going out together. The two even appeared on Alick Macheso and Freeman’s “Ngaibake” video. All seemed well until a few days ago, when Mai Titi said if she was to die anytime soon Madam boss would be part of the group that would have killed her. Talk of changing goal posts so quickly

Marabha and Kapfupi
The two comedians blew us away with their street theatre acts. They also featured on several other projects together and Marabha was a famous figure on Kapfupi’s music videos. Fans were stunned when Marabha started throwing allegations that Kapfupi was bewitching him. Kapfupi merely responded that his fame and wealth was driving his friend green with envy. People were shocked to learn that Kapfupi has been one of the people running around to get Marabha some help following reports of his illness. It seems the two artists have since mended fences

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