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Dj Stavo and wife in social media tiff war

Dj Stavo and his wife Kudzi had a slight tiff war on social media leaving their followers laughing their guts out. Dj Stavo made enquires about the recent pronouncement by government that paying lobola is no longer a pre requisite to registering customary marriages. He queried whether it was possible for him to get a refund on the lobola that he paid years ago.

Ironically, his wife asked him what he meant online resulting in him claiming that he was merely asking for a friend. What ensued was a barrage of comments from followers with mixed opinions about the issues regarding payment of lobola.

Although most people had misinterpreted the pronouncement by government, it later emerged that what was being referred to was that lobola is still part of our culture and parents can demand it. It is however, no longer required to prove that such was paid when registering customary marriages. Most men had been excited by the news as they are battling to raise money to pay dowry as per tradition. With the current economic crisis, most people are simply eloping.

Dj Stavo and his wife have been married for nearly two decades and have two adorable kids. They are one of the hottest couples in town. Their social media confrontation however proved how much the two love to share some light moments

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