ED branded a rapist and wife snatcher by former police boss

Former police chief whip Augustine Chihuri made some shocking allegations against ED. The former police boss accused ED of harbouring head feelings against him because of a woman that they fought over during the liberation struggle.

In his high court papers, Chihuri said allegations against him were malicious and intricately woven in a bid to settle a score by ED. Chihuri is being accused of criminal abuse of office during the time he was still the police commissioner. He is alleged to have swindled the police service US 30 million dollars. He filed a high court application challenging the government’s move to freeze his wealth and properties.

In his papers Chihuri wrote,”I wish to put i on record that the social relationship between Mnangagwa and myself has been broken since the liberation struggle and has degenerated into personal hate…’. He said ED had forced himself on his then wife Mwashita who was already pregnant with Chihuri’s child. He said ED facilitated the transfer of Mwashita to Shai Shai where he was stationed and forced her into a relationship. When Chihuri tried to raise his head, he was warned that ED was a dangerous man and would have him killed. The said Mwashita is now resident in the U.K

Chihuri and Mwashita later on divorced in 1988. Chihuri denies all allegations of corruption and claims that he acquired his wealth with the help of a loan from a local bank. He said these funds enabled him to acquire companies through which he made his millions as well as from farming activities

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