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Enzo Ishall, Belinda Potts cause furore with their cosy dance

Enzo ishall is trending following the release of a video which shows him dancing and cosying up to Miss World Zimbabwe and Miss Chacha, Belinda Potts. The zimdancehall chanter is pictures having the time of his life with the beautiful model as they dance along to some zimdancehall music. Even the restrictions on social distancing could not apply to the two.

The video has been causing a lot of commotion online with most people asking whether the duo is seeing each other. At least we have to admit, they do look cute. The two were laughing out loud and enjoying their moment. Enzo ishall had an altercation with his wife last year following the release of his song 50 magate which featured some models doing some raunchy dance moves. He seems not to have repented as evidenced by the video circulating.

Speculation is high that the singer might have found love in the arms of the stunning model. Enzo is not one to parade his love life but the cosy dance moves and obvious chemistry between him and Belinda raised some eyebrows.

Enzo is a famous zimdancehall singer and has released songs such as Kanjiva and Mari yako. His catchy punchlines and hillarious lyrics have made him a household name. Indeed the singer really knows how to grab the attention of his fans and his videos have always caused furore. Enzo must have girls lining up to have a date with him and the disapointment could be felt from comments shared about his cosy dance with the model.

A closer look at the video shows how much the singer must have been enjoying himself in the day with Belinda. Even the oohs and aahs from the crowd did little to deter the duo from their trance

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