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Fans lash out at Van Choga for dumping Seh Calaz

Most people have been lashing out at Van Choga for parting ways with Seh Calaz. The controversial changer recently distanced himself from Yala nation and Seh Calaz, the person who identified his talent and nurtured him.

In an official statement, a publicist from Yala nation said Van Choga is no longer part of their family and that they wished him well in his endeavours.

Most people have been speaking of against the move by Van Choga. They said he has moved away from his mentor too soon without even having realised his full potential. Seh Calaz was the reason why Van Choga got recognised by promoters.

Nash paints also commented on the issue and said that they were also heartbroken at the development. They said Seh Calaz had approached them at one point and begged them to take up Van Choga on their Nash tv live gigs. They said all that the zimdancehall chanter wanted was to promote a fellow upcoming artist.

Manager Thomas Chizhanje also gave word of advice to all upcoming artists. He warned them against being influenced to leave their initial record labels because they feel they have already made it big as this would eventually leave them in regret.

Van Choga is famous for his odd videos and lyrics. He has however, emerged as one of the most popular personalities on radio and television. While some people have questioned whether he is not mentally challenged Van Choga has always maintained that he is sane and a person of sober habits.

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