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Fans take a dig at Willard Katsande’s fashion choices

Willard Katsande is undoubtedly one of the most stylish football personalities in Zimbabwe. The Kaizer Chiefs midfielder often posts images of himself looking sleek in immaculately sewn outfits that could make David Tlale green with envy.

Social media users have however been mocking his trendy outfits and even making fake pictures of the star in the most outrageous clothes. At one point, he was photoshopped into the famous cartoon character Woody of “Monsters Inc” in a puffed up brown jacket and slim cowboy jeans.

In spite of these mockeries, Willard has maintained his style and recent I ages show him looking classy as usual. Willard is an all rounder when it comes to fashion. He can easily switch from a casual street look to a smart, formal ensemble effortlessly. His well toned physique and soccer body also give him an added advantage as it makes the clothes a perfect fit. Willard has been labelled one of the leading fashion icons of or generation in spite of criticism from some fans.

Willard also adds some extra glam to his clothes by bringing out his inner charm. The soccer star has an irresistible charm and elegance that simply make him stand out above the rest.

With a following of over 200 000 on Twitter,Willard has been able to mesmerize a lot of people with his cool clothes and wide array of shoes To add some flair to his looks, Willard puts on a doek at times. At one point he said he loves to out on the doek in remembrance of his mum

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