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From riches to rags: Mandy Chimene’s pathetic life story

Former Zanu Pf resident minister for Manicaland Mandy Chimene is a living example of riches to rags and that nothing lasts forever. The former minister who is currently exiled in Mozambique has hit hard times. She is surviving on selling plain buns, a far cry from the lavish lifestyle she was accustomed to as a minister during the Mugabe era.

Mandy was recorded looking shabby and a bit delusional as she woffled down a bun. Her appearance was the total opposite of the former Zanu loyalist that people knew.

Mandy, like other Mugabe loyalists, fled the country after the 2017 coup that toppled Mugabe’s reign. She went into exile in Mozambique and has been living there ever since. Tough times have however befallen the former minister and most people pitied her pathetic life.

Mandy was closely allied to the former first family. Fearing for her life and not knowing what might become of her fate she decided to go on the run and ended up in Mozambique where she is now living like a pauper. Although some people were full of pity for her, others said karma had caught up with her after her role in the reign of terror by the former first family. Mandy is a living shadow of her former self and looks like she is really struggling. Unlike other ministers who went into exile but still managed to maintain their lavish lifestyles such as Jonathan Moyo, Mandy has not been able to keep up. It is quite clear that her life in exile has turned into misery. Some warned that this is the art of politics, you might end up on the losi g side with virtually nothing.

Ministers that were loyal to the late finer president took to their heels in 2017 and soon after. Those that remained behind have been subjected to arrests and hurled before the courts

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