Gemma Griffiths’ little celebratory dance

Gemma Griffiths recently had followers chuckling in amazement as she belted out a happy dance right on her bed. The Titungamire hitmaker was celebrating Sha Sha’s BET win. Gemma was so overwhelmed that she could not contain herself and perfomer some funny jumps on her bed before diving down. She was so ecstatic and Hailey for a fellow musician.

Sha Sha made history by becoming the first ever local artist to be nominated for such a prestigious award and even going further to win it. She was voted for the Viewers Choice Award. Sha Sha beat stiff competition from the UK and France as well as other countries.

Gemma congratulated the Amapiano star for having reached such a milestone. She said that she ideally does not jump on her bed but such an achievement deserved the honours. Gemma herself is a music powerhouse having released songs such as Mugarden with Winky D and Ndinewe. She has worked with big names such as Dj Stavo

Sha Sha is signed under South African Dj Maphorisa. When she was nominated, another artist Jah Prayzah penned down a congratulatory message and said a nomination in itself was a win. Sha Sha went on to scoop the much coveted award and Gemma Griffiths was overjoyed like a fellow sister within musical circles.

Gemma’s little celebration dance has taken over the internet. Most fans have commended her for showing such love and support to a fellow artist.

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