Ginimbi fails to explain his source of wealth

Business man Genius Kadungure, commonly known as Ginimbi had people talking last week after he failed to give the court an explanation on his lavish lifestyle. This came to light at his trial. The business man is alleged to have failed to give an explanation on his lavish spending and lifestyle between 2010 and 2012

His company Piko trading also failed to declare income returns to Zimra from gas sales during the same period. Kadungure and his company did not disclose information regarding income and expenditure patterns when asked by Zimra officials.

Although Kadungure has since made payments 30 000 dollars and 5000 dollars to repay the amount of money that he allegedly prejudiced Zimra, he is still liable to answer to charges of having fun failed to make the declaration in the first place. According to Zimra, Ginimbi failed to give a satisfactory account of his lifestyle between 2010-2012 and could only give proof of income from 2013-2015.

Ginimbi is famous for his lavish lifestyle. He owns a fleet of state of the art vehicles, a towering mansion in Domboshava and various businesses. His club, the Dream is where the rich and famous wine and dine and get their dose of entertainment. Ginimbi has indeed become a symbol o wealth and status but has failed to account for his wealth.

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